Blaine Senior Center - Monthly Menu
Blaine Senior Center - 763 G Street, Blaine WA 98230; Phone: (360) 332-8040

 August 2018

  Lunch is served from 11:30 - 12:30
Monday - Friday

All menus are subject to change due to food cost and availability.

Entree Salad
available daily
Except on special occasions.

Wednesday, Aug 1

Salisbury Steak
Mashed Potatoes
& Gravy
Capri Veggies
Garden Salad

Thursday, August 2

Denver Omelets
Roasted potatoes
Sauteed Squash

Friday, August 3

Split Pea Soup w/
Chicken Salad Wrap
Garden Salad
Fresh Fruit

Monday, August 6

Baked Cod
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Caribbean Veggies
Kale Coleslaw

 Tuesday, August 7

Turkey Meatloaf
Mashed Potatoes
Steamed Veggies
Garden Salad

Wednesday, August 8

BBQ - Brats

Thursday, August 9

BBQ Chicken
Roasted  Potatoes
Baby Carrots
Garden Salad
Fresh Melon

    Friday, August 10

Taco Salad

Monday, August 13

Meat Lasagna
Italian Veggies
Pinto Beans
Garden Salad

Tuesday, August 14

Chicken Enchiladas
Spanish Rice
Pinto Beans
Garden Salad

Wednesday, August 15

Broccoli Bacon Quiche
Tomato Pasta Salad
Fresh Fruit

Thursday, August 16

Beef Pot Roast
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Brussel Sprouts
Garden Salad
Raspberry Sherbet

Friday, August 17

Clam Chowder
Whole Grain Crackers
1/2 Tuna on Wheat
Garden Salad
Sliced Peaches

Monday, August 20

Chicken Ala King
Served on Brown Rice
Steamed Veggies
Garden Salad

Tuesday, August 21

Country Fried Steak
Mashed Potatoes
Peas & Onions
Spinach Salad
Sliced Apples

Wednesday, August 22

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Tri Color Potatoes
Steamed Veggies
Garden Salad
Banana Pudding

  Thursday, August 23

Chinese BBQ Pork
Fried Rice
Veggie Egg Roll
Mandarin Oranges
Fortune Cookie

Friday, August 24

Chef Salad
Oatmeal Bread
Fresh Fruit

Monday, August 27

Beef Stroganoff
w/Rotelle Pasta
Brussels Sprouts
Garden Salad

Tuesday, August 28

Florentine Fish
Rice Pilaf
Baby Carrots
Garden Salad

Wednesday, August 29

Sweet & Sour Meatballs
Over Brown Rice
Asian Veggies
Mandarin Oranges

Thursday, August 30

Birthday Luncheon

Turkey & Cranberry
Mashed Potatoes
Veggie Egg Roll
Mandarin Oranges
Fortune Cookie

Tuesday, August31

Pulled Pork w/BBQ
Hawaiian Roll
Craisin coleslaw
Steamed Veggies
Fresh Pineapple

Thank you for Orchard Park Retirement for our
                                      monthly birthday cakes


All menus are subject to change due to food cost and 

Entree Salad available daily.

Meals offered through MOW and More Program

Persons eligible for donation-based meals include:
• Age 60 or over;   OR
• Spouse/Partner of eligible senior
• Meals on Wheels and More Program Volunteers
(Dining room, Kitchen, Administration, Driver)
• Disabled Dependent of eligible senior
• Unpaid Caregiver of eligible senior

Persons under 60 and who do not meet the above eligibility criteria
 shall pay $7.00.



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