Blaine Senior Center - 763 G Street, Blaine WA 98239; Phone: 360-332-8040

 Enrich Your Life at the
Blaine Senior Center

      BSC offers:

Modern Fitness Center
Pool Room
Class Rooms Lunches/Auditorium

Hours: 8am-4pm Monday-Friday & Saturday 9am-1pm

Suddenly there is a whole new world to explore and experience. Just by passing the milestone of being 50 years or older you can improve your mind, enliven your body and lift your spirits.

Haven't you ever wanted to find your roots, learn Tai Chi, join a strength training center or create works of art?  It's all here at your fingertips. Meet new friends, discuss current events, celebrate a holiday, eat a meal, enjoy entertainment, play games, travel, attend a health screening or teach a class.

The opportunities you've waited a lifetime to take advantage of are right here at the Blaine Senior Center. Dues are only $45 a year and additional charges may apply for some individual classes, trips, events, etc.

About Us
The Blaine Senior Center serves 150 people per day from our community. Members and visitors from Blaine, Birch Bay, Custer and many other areas in Whatcom County and Canada benefit from our services. We are open eight hours daily Monday-Friday and four hours on Saturdays.

We are a non-profit organization and receive support from the City of Blaine, Whatcom County Parks & Recreation, Whatcom Council on Aging and many other local businesses and organizations.

Contact Us
Blaine Senior Center
763 G Street
Blaine, WA 98230
Phone: 360 332-8040
Fax:  360 332-1709
Director: Kathy Sitker

Blaine Senior Center Board of Directors:
Ellie Bonebrake, President
Patty Johnson, Vice President
Vicki McCullough, Secretary
Trudi Norquist, Treasurer
Toni Blakely
Cynthia Brandenburger
Dr. Paul Dean
Laurie Donaldson
Walt Ducoing
Jackie Elkins
Jayne Uerling        

Gym Hours
*Open from 8-4 Monday - Friday & Saturdays 9-1.
except : (closed Monday 2pm - 4pm, Wednesday 2pm-4pm).
When class is in session, the gym is closed Monday & Wednesday 2-4 to all except those taking the Strength Training class on the Cybex equipment and those members that want to use the 'cardio' equipment including NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainers. All those who use the gym must be a current member and must have taken the Strength Training class offered at the senior centers throughout the county.

The Blaine Senior Center will follow the Blaine School District's closures.
If the schools are closed we are closed.
If they are running late, the Blaine Senior Center will be late.
You can listen to KGMI 790 am radio for school information.
They also list their school closures on
Our website will be updated to reflect closures.
Or call 332-8040 and our answering machine will have the most current
information. Also, if you drive to the center and the open lights are not on we are closed.
Please be safe this winter.

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